About Yasha
By the late Jack Veffer (of Interflora fame) as published in his book 'My 2 Cent's Worth':

RECIPE: Take one Russian father, one Greek mother, put them together in Istanbul, Turkey and beget a son called Yasha on 12 June 1940. Keep him there until 1948 and you have a little boy who can speak Turkish with a hint of Greek and Russian. Move to Israel till 1950 and the ten year old can now also speak Hebrew. Ship the boy to Milan Italy for three years or so and the little fellow can now manage Italian.
Why not move to England for a while, say from 1953 to 1961 where French is taught in schools and now you have a polyglot with one hell of an accent! Complete primary studies in England and back to Israel for a few years, say from 1961 to 1969.

Just enough time for the young man to pick up a law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem after completion of a two year stint in the Parachute regiment - and incidentally - marrying his sergeant, Zmira, in the process. Let's not forget his representing Israel in the Student's Olympics in Tokyo Japan in the Judo event in 1967.

From here life gets more complicated - at least it would for you or me but not Yasha: return to England for Postgraduate studies having fathered two great kids Guy and Dana. Act as legal consultant, work with a Swiss Barter Trade Company and finally end up as a Director of Paramount International Coin Company and be head hunted by Stanley Gibbons Limited, the stamp magnates: his hobby converted to a business culminating with the setting up InterCol London in 1981

By now an established credit to the numismatic fraternity in England and America, Yasha's books (Collectors Guide to Paper Money; British County Maps; Colombian Currency; The Paper Tiger (Israel-Arab conflict) etc. win prizes as do his exhibits world wide. His articles appear in the press in the four corners of the globe and he makes a name for himself as a speaker both talented and amusing.

His awards and speaking engagements are too many to remember but there is one that stands in my mind: Yasha was the after dinner speaker at an IBNS function in New York and I was sitting next to him noting that well into the evening he had not touched his food. 'Why are you not eating?' I asked. 'I am too nervous' he replied and refused to touch the food. When his turn came to speak, he relaxed as soon as he reached the podium. 'It is good to see so many of you here' he started 'once only I was really late for a meeting and I rushed straight to the speakers' podium when I suddenly noticed that there was only one man in the audience. 'Friend' I said 'no use my giving the whole speech just for you alone, why don't we go to the bar and have a beer instead?' The man stood and said 'I can't go. . . . I am the next speaker'. From here Yasha was on the roll and his speech was again received with the usual acclaim. While listening to him I had absent-mindedly picked and almost finished the untouched food on his plate. As he sat next to me he said. 'I am glad that's over, now I can eat, I am absolutely famished'! I made sure he got a decent portion of food in a hurry. Yasha has been a good friend to many and to me most especially. He has never let his friends or colleagues down.
After Dinner Speaker
Yasha was born with a sense of humour and has had the opportunity to speak after dinner at many formal and informal occasions. He has introduced Presidents at in-house Company meetings, addressed Judges and Lawyers annual dinners, Rotarians, Freemasons, over 40 Clubs, Women's Institutes and has often been asked to return . . . the surest sign of his success.

His after dinner speeches, always amusing and anecdotal, are interspersed with relevant factual informative comments. After dinner speeches last from 5 to no more than 20 minutes. All inclusive charges for Informal dinners in the London area £ 120.00. Formal Dinners in the London Area £ 180.00. A cost relevant to distance for other parts of the United Kingdom applies.

Yasha will be glad to prepare tailor made speeches for birthday parties and personalised events.

Please call 07768 29 20 66.
Yasha is well experienced in addressing a wide range of audiences from Collectors' Clubs to Banking Institutions. Lectures, normally illustrated by power point presentation, cover a selection of themes and subject such as the City of London, Livery Companies, World of Collectables (including Alternative Investment aspects) Coins and Banknotes, Old Maps and Playing Cards, the Titanic and the History of Freemasonry and famous Masons. Lectures normally last less than 45 minutes allowing time for questions and discussion. The cost of the Lectures is £ 95.00 in the London Area all-inclusive and a cost relevant to distance for other parts of the United Kingdom. Please ask for any special lecture requirements you may have.

Please call 07768 292066.
Yasha is the author of 11 books and booklets commissioned and published by well-known Publishing Houses (see https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yasha-Beresiner/e/B001KMFYO4/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1504033223&sr=8-1). Hundreds of his articles have appeared in specialised journals and newspapers world wide on subjects within his direct fields of interest. Articles include lighthearted pieces as well as intensively researched and academically inclined ones. He is happy to accept commissions for articles of any length and will be glad to provide or advise on illustrations. Costings depend on length and theme of the project.

AUTHORSHIP by Yasha Beresiner
The Paper Tiger - Stayman, 1968 (Arab-Israeli 1967 War)
Catalogue of Colombian Currency - Stanley Gibbons, 1972
The Story of Paper Money - David & Charles, 1976
Collectors' Guide to Paper Money - Deutsch/Stein, 1979
British County Maps - A Guide - ACC Woodbridge, 1985
Masonic Curiosities - ANZRA 2000
Royal Arch:4th Degree of the Antients - Supreme Grand Chapter 2001
City of London: A Masonic Guide - Lewises 2006
Masonically Speaking - Lewis 2008
Handbook to Masonic Speechmaking - Lewis 2009
200 Years of Royal Arch in England 1813-2013 - Lewis 2013

published in many UK, US, Latin American collectors' Journals,
the Press and various investment and business magazines